External sexual relations and affairs

External sexual relations (e.g., going to prostitutes, Internet contacts, affairs, clandestine homosexual relationships) are thrilling and taxing at once. When a partner finds out about outside relations, the result is usually an acute relationship crisis. Enthusiasm, indecisiveness, shame and lies loom just as large as deep wounds, jealousy and mistrust. In the midst of emotional chaos it is usually very difficult to know how life is supposed to go on.

Couples and/or sexual therapy can help relieve the situation and offer a way out of the crisis.

Counseling is aimed at

  • couples whose relationship has been shaken up by an affair that has come to light;
  • individuals who are considering revealing a secret external relationship;
  • a partner having an affair and who suffers from keeping it secret;
  • a partner having an affair who has difficulties ending a “secret liaison”;
  • a partner having an affair who is thinking of making a commitment in the new relationship and who plans to expose it, with all the attendant consequences.


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