Counseling for couples with an unfulfilled desire for children

Couples who are childless against their will often experience this as a psychological crisis. Moreover, prolonged and unsuccessful reproductive treatments can be extremely draining physically. Unwelcome feelings sometimes arise, such as envy or anger, and self-esteem might suffer a blow. Negative thoughts (“I’ll never be able…”) are reinforced, which only adds to the stress.

Couples going through a fertility crisis often report having sexual problems too. Sexual intercourse on a fixed schedule as well as the physical and psychological challenges involved often lead to sexual symptoms and hence to sexual withdrawal despite the desire to have a child.

Psychological support can offer a way out of this cycle of conflict by helping

  • to better cope with the current lack of children;
  • to uncover and ameliorate partner conflicts;
  • to lessen the fixation on the reproductive dimension of sexuality;
  • to reactivate and affirm the sensual and partner-related side of sexuality;
  • to reflect on other medical options if necessary;
  • to accept potentially incurable physical limitations to reproduction;
  • to discuss possible alternatives and broaden one’s perspectives.


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