Couples counseling

Couples generally seek counseling when they feel that something’s been lost, be it love, emotional intimacy, desire, sex, common goals or even a general interest in their partner. This is manifest not only in accusatory and reproachful behavior, but also in a partner withdrawing sexually.

Frequent topics of couples counseling include

  • partner conflicts and quarrels;
  • difficulties in transitioning to a new phase in life;
  • sexuality;
  • an unfulfilled desire for children;
  • wounds caused by infidelity, affairs and parallel relationships;
  • age differences;
  • intercultural / interreligious conflicts;
  • separation;
  • sickness and death.

Systemic couples counseling focuses on overcoming the frustrations of ingrained behaviors in a relationship. It helps decipher the subtext behind reproachful behavior, make conflicts more transparent, alter behaviors and develop new perspectives. Couples therapy offers a protected environment for discovering the things that work in a relationship, the things that bond, the things that have vanished as well as new opportunities. In her neutral and impartial role, the therapist prevents the couple from falling into well-worn rituals by mediating their dialogue. She points out patterns of communication and subtexts that haven’t been understood, as well as suggesting and discussing possible changes in behavior. Couples therapy can only be successful, however, when both partners have developed an awareness of the problem and are willing to seek a solution together. Separation is one possible outcome of counseling.

Counseling services are open to both hetero- and homosexual couples.


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