Sexual therapy for couples

Sexual problems and dysfunctions are very often a symptom of poor communication or other problems within a relationship. Conflicts in a partnership, breach of trust (e.g., affairs, contact with prostitutes, etc.) and disappointments can lead to estrangement between partners one symptom of which is sexual withdrawal. Hence sexual therapy is often couples therapy too. Couples therapy, on the other hand, usually requires talking about sexuality.

The therapeutic aim with couples is to initiate changes that stimulate sexual communication, fulfilling the need for love, sex and eroticism, for physical contact, comfort and security. Therapy helps define the sexual profile of each partner, using the resulting energy to rediscover shared erotic potential.

The therapist’s role is neutral and impartial. She supports the couple in avoiding stale rituals. In the case of arguments she guides the couple’s dialogue, while making them aware of repetitive patterns of communication and messages that are not being heard. She sometimes makes suggestions for changes in behavior and allows the couple to discuss them.

Sexual and/or couples therapy can only be successful, however, when both partners have developed an awareness of the problem and are willing to seek a solution together. Hence separation is one possible outcome of sexual and/or couples therapy. Therapy will generally result in improvement provided that both partners desire a change.


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