Sexual orientation

Facing a homosexual or bisexual tendency isn’t easy. The process of coming out is complex and seldom straightforward, but ideally leads to acceptance of non-heterosexual tendencies. Failing to integrate this homosexual or bisexual orientation can often be so psychologically burdensome that it leads to self-endangering sexual behavior.

Bisexuals are in a similar situation as homosexuals. Having both a homosexual and heterosexual orientation, they can switch between sexual worlds. And yet the prevailing value system of society often makes them feel pressured into adopting monosexuality, with the result that they sometimes deny their true sexual predisposition.

Coming out is not only about calling oneself gay, lesbian or bisexual, about openly admitting one’s sexual preference. Integrating homosexuality also means developing a personal homosexual / bisexual lifestyle. It is important to know how openly to communicate homosexuality / bisexuality. The step of outing oneself to others (parents, children, friends, coworkers) as a homosexual / bisexual takes a lot of courage and should be a well-considered decision.

Therapeutic assistance can be helpful

  • if uncertain about one’s sexual orientation and identity;
  • when having difficulties accepting one’s homosexual / bisexual tendency;
  • in the case of psychological stress caused by leading a secret homosexual life;
  • when cultural influences and religious convictions seem to exclude the integration of a homosexual lifestyle;
  • in the process of coming out;
  • when conflicts exist in homosexual or bisexual relationships;
  • for family members of homosexuals who are caught by surprise by a loved one’s coming out and are having a hard time dealing with it;

Sexual therapy is fundamentally affirmative and supportive. It provides a safe space for lesbians, gays and bisexuals to explore, accept and strengthen their sexual orientation. It helps clients develop a homosexual or bisexual lifestyle and assists them during their coming-out process if they encounter conflicts with family, friends or coworkers.


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