Pornography and online sexuality

The availability of free online porn has led to a situation where men, in particular, but also an increasing number of women, are using the Internet as a source of sexual (auto)stimulation. Excessive consumption of pornography changes one’s understanding of sexuality and the bodies of others, as well as the perception of men and women in general.

Problems arise when pornographic scenarios become the required and exclusive script of sexual interactions between partners or when autostimulation with the help of Internet porn is preferred over sexual contact with one’s partner. An addiction to pornography can make starting a relationship very difficult.

Sexual therapy is the appropriate place to

  • address the consumption of pornography;
  • understand the function and significance of pornography in one’s own sexual experience;
  • learn to accept responsibility for one’s own sexual behavior (impulse control);
  • find one’s way back to a partner-based sexuality.


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