Sexual preferences, fantasies and desires

It’s not always easy to admit to sexual fantasies, desires or predilections. It’s even harder to communicate them to a partner. The fear of being rejected as “perverse” is not uncommon. Indeed, it’s not always possible to know how a partner will react to special sexual preferences. But repressing our innermost wishes is not always the right solution. Partners can usually sense when something is being kept from them. It makes them suspicious, and can interfere in a couple’s relationship.

Sexual therapy offers support

  • when sexual fantasies, desires and preferences prevent a partnership from being formed;
  • when an individual has sexual fantasies but lacks the courage to share them with a partner;
  • in explaining how fantasies and desires can be communicated to a partner;
  • in dealing with special preferences and wishes (precisely because they can be problematic);
  • in understanding the significance of sexual preferences and fantasies in one’s own sexual experience;
  • in learning to deal with potentially problematic preferences and fantasies (impulse control).


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