Procedure and prices

Sexual therapy is exclusively conversational. An initial consultation serves to clarify the problems and objectives and to discuss any possible follow-up sessions. The number of follow-up sessions required will be agreed upon during the initial consultation.

Systemic therapy sessions take place with longer intervals in between. Breaks of 2 to 4 weeks are common. In acute crisis situations, weekly sessions are possible.


Your investment

An individual therapy session lasts 60 minutes, with prices starting at 85 euros a session.

Couples therapy sessions generally last about 90 minutes. These cost 135 euros per session.

Appointments may be cancelled 48 hours in advance. No-shows or late cancellations will be subject to the full fee.

Evening appointments are also possible. Für Termine nach 19 Uhr berechne ich einen Aufschlag von 10 Prozent.


Bei Vorlage eines gültigen Studentenausweises gewähre ich einen Nachlass von 10 Prozent.

Despite their proven effectiveness, systemic therapy, sexual therapy and couples therapy are not covered by state insurance.

Private insurances and private supplementary insurances sometimes cover part of the costs. Please take time to inform yourself about your insurance coverage before beginning therapy or counseling. Therapy and counseling fees are tax-deductible as “extraordinary expenses.”


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