Sexual problems and dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions are common and usually lead to partner conflicts or can even prevent an individual from starting a relationship.

Sexual dysfunctions can take the form of

  • a lack of sexual desire;
  • arousal disorders (erectile dysfunction, insufficient vaginal lubrication);
  • orgasmic dysfunction (premature, delayed, inability to reach orgasm);
  • painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and vaginal cramps (vaginismus);

An initial consultation serves to clarify the situation. Systemic sexual therapy is not problem-oriented and is therefore not primarily focused on sexual function.

The therapeutic approach concentrates instead on the relationship dimension of sexuality and thus on the expansion of sexual capabilities in light of the existing limitations. Sexual problems, dysfunctions and conflicts can therefore be an opportunity to improve one’s own sexuality.

With the guided support of the therapist, clients undergoing systemic sexual therapy find their own individual solutions and make changes on their own terms. They are encouraged to leave their expectations behind, explore their own sexual profile, and learn to not be afraid in standing up for their needs and desires. With a view to one’s own sexual biography, the aim is to strengthen those things that are working well while searching for new directions or things that have been neglected or lost.


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