Sexual counseling for seniors

The sex life of older people is still very much a taboo topic. And yet sexuality is important even in old age, as a way to stay in shape and improve your sense of well-being.

Sexuality changes with advancing age. The sexual response slows down in men and women. Men, in particular, require more intense and longer stimulation to have an erection. The hormonal changes during menopause cause drastic changes in a woman’s body. The vagina produces less lubrication and sometimes becomes less elastic. The skin’s sensitivity changes too.

Physical changes can give rise to sexual problems and dysfunctions, resulting in a decline in sexual encounters.

Sexual counseling

  • sheds light on physical changes in men and women;
  • corrects sexual misconceptions, feelings of guilt and feelings of inferiority;
  • helps identify possible causes of sexual problems;
  • explains the options of medicinal and instrumental aids;
  • is an invitation to discuss the potential for experiencing a new phase of sexuality.


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