Sexual counseling for women

Women sometimes know surprisingly little about their own sexual organs, their female cycle, and the physical changes accompanying puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Part of this has to do with the way girls are raised. But it may also be linked to the fact that the vagina is hidden from view. Hence women might not feel entirely connected with their bodies and sometimes have misconceptions about it (e.g., concerning the size of the vagina, the appearance of the vulva, etc.). This can lead to sexual anxiety, problems and bodily dysfunctions.

Sexual therapy for women addresses an array of questions regarding the female sex organs and the sexual life of women.

Sexual therapy is helpful for women

  • who suffer from sexual problems;
  • after pregnancy;
  • in menopause;
  • before and after an abortion or loss of pregnancy;
  • before and after sterilization;
  • before and after breast surgery;
  • considering piercings or tattoos in the genital region;
  • before and after cosmetic surgery to the genitals;
  • before a reconstruction of the hymen;
  • with genital mutilation;
  • who have experienced sexual violence.


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